Dr. Jesse Zondervan

Earth Scientist

Geospatial Analysis, Surface Processes, Transdisciplinary Science, Emerging Tech, Climate Solutions, Geoscience for UN SDGs

Wilbe BSF Fellow & Founder in Residence 

Research Associate - University College London

I'm an Earth Systems research scientist and climate solutions champion with 7+ years of experience spearheading complex interdisciplinary initiatives that improve understanding of Earth systems, formerly at the University of Oxford, Imperial College, and now University College London. I'm also a senior team member of a think-tank (GfGD) mobilising geoscience-based climate solutions through UN advocacy and research. Now I'm focused on rapidly advancing impactful climate solutions through holistic outcome-oriented science/tech-based development and venture building. 

I'm always open to talking to, collaborating with and helping people working on or interested in the following: water supply 🚰, energy production 🔋, soil regeneration 🌱, biodiversity restoration 🌳, and any other climate/environmental/biodiversity tech or solution.

...Calling landowners and practitioners, scientists, engineers, builders, policy advisors, visionary philanthropists, foundations, investors and other stakeholders. Let's chat!

Impakter - a Series on Geoscience in a Context of Globalisation and Emerging Technology

In a series of four articles about science, millennial scientist Jesse Zondervan delves into the future of geoscience applications in relation to the rise of globalisation.

Geoscience as a tool in the twenty-first century

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